life in squares: disney, oklahoma

This weekend we rode down to Oklahoma to hit the Big Meats Run in Disney, Oklahoma. It was fun. It was scary. It was bumpy and exciting.

We arrived on Friday night and decided to do a little bit of night riding before heading in to sleep. Not even 30 minutes later, we were calling 911 for Shawn, who flipped his RZR and knocked himself out. Cold. Limp. Scary. After a trip to the ER, x-rays and 4 stitches just under his right eyebrow, he was fine, just sore. It definitely shook everyone up, and it made us all more aware of our harnesses and helmets. There’s no such thing as too cautious, I guess.

Saturday was packed full of people. I’ve never seen so many people in one place watching others ride. I would easily say there were over 1,000 RZRs, Wildcats, Jeeps, ATVs, and buggies there. Kelly rolled his RZR on the same hill that Shawn did, and later that day, JD did too. They both were fine and kept riding (after fixing a few things anyway).

Travis has some videos posted on his YouTube channel. Check it out.

Already looking forward to next year.


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