come on, spring.

IMG_3969aI miss the way a photo can make me feel at peace, pulling a softness over my brazen heart and singing it back to the place where things, small and big, are put back into squares or perspective.

When unimportant things somehow become priority, other things are lost. My photography, my soul’s simple way of telling a story through my favorite aperture blur, has for too long been ignored, in the most devastating way. So many times I have intended to hook my camera around my neck and head toward the sunshine I love so much, and so many times, I do not. I feel stationary.

It’s beginning to be taxing on me, my heart. I forgot, or perhaps never paid attention to how much my creativity, or lack thereof, directly influences my mood, and in turn, all other things in my life.

With spring coming, I can taste the soothing light that will finally calm the photo itch.

And I welcome it, smiling.
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2 Comments to “come on, spring.”

  1. I feel like I could have written this. I was thinking about this recently, how I used to be SO into flickr, and post every decent shot there, and how my photography is so focused on project life right now, rather than just taking pictures because it makes me happy, or trying to find the beauty in random life. and i really need to find that part of my creativity again, big time.

  2. I feel the same. A lot of my shots are so PL focued lately, and that bugs me. Like I am only documenting what I want to go into my album without all the extra pretties that I used to capture on a daily basis. It is one of my big goals for April, most definitely.

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