mnwA07zknM3bbOT4-rpxhWXJLkp9c2tZFmn1uhK2DkY[1]+ loving: that it is Friday. This week has gone much faster than last week.
+ reading: Divergent. I’m trying to find time to really get into it. It’s not working.
+ listening to: A lot of Spotify. My offline playlist is so mixed! I love it.
+ eating: Almonds. Yummy, good fat.
+ drinking: Water. I have been drinking too much Dr Pepper this week.
+ planning: A honeymoon mini book. Gray chevron pages like our envelope liners. (I seem like I live my life paper project to paper project, huh?) And a new painting for my office at work. It needs some spunk.
+ missing: my engagement ring. It’s at the jeweler’s getting sized with my band (which I am equally in love with), and I feel off balance without it.
+ enjoying: the fact that my hair feels healthy again after getting it cut. Amazing what 2 inches off can do. (I can’t wait til after the wedding so I can cut 3 more inches off!)
+ craving: Panera Bread.
+ seeing: A messy desk. I must clean it before I leave today.
+ wishing: The next 36 days would go without incident. Let’s go, Wedding Day!


2 Comments to “currently:”

  1. oooh! a honeymoon minibook :) that’s going to be so fun. i miss minibooks, sometimes. we (finally) booked our real honeymoon for the first week in June, so maybe you’ll inspire me to document it that way instead of figuring out how to squeeze it into project life. hmmmm.

    i loved divergent, but read it in one afternoon, and totally understand how not having the time to really get into a book can stink. i finshed cloud atlas yesterday after taking wayyy too long to read it, and i think i took so long that it made it pretty much impossible to love it as much as i might have.

    HOORAY!! 36 days!!!!!!! i’m SO excited for you :)

    • I’ll have pics of the mini book up soon, I hope. I am addicted to this chevron paper so I am glad I accidentally ordered an extra 25 pages when I was planning out invite envelope liners! I tried to make one pretty close to the one on, but my cover didn’t turn out quite as sturdy. It’s okay though. Trial and error for next time!

      I am finally into Divergent. I’m looking forward to cracking it back open when I get home from work!!

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