bridal shower.

mosaicd22383c9c5c9fb605e04ad46a89e8781d462f7cdWell, my bridal shower didn’t go exactly as planned, thanks to the snow. We woke up this morning to almost 8 inches of ugly snow (according to the airport readings), and knowing that a lot of people coming today would be driving an hour, we decided that the best thing to do was just cancel it. I really don’t want it on my conscience if someone would have car trouble or, worse, get in a wreck, just trying to get to my shower.

We were predicted to get ice and snow, but really, if you’re from Kansas, you know you don’t believe anything the weatherman says until it is on the ground.

It’s been a rough winter for us. Between the now three big snows that we have had, I think we are probably breaking some kind of snowfall records. I think even the snow-lovers are sick and tired of it. I for sure am.

So today, I am lounging again, I guess. I am going to work on our honeymoon minibook and maybe get a little organizing done. And I am going to wait on spring.


3 Comments to “bridal shower.”

  1. Sorry your bridal shower was a miss, but once the snow goes, I am sure it will be such a beautiful and fun day for you.

  2. How disappointing! But something to look forward to…again. Enjoy your day of lounging.

  3. Thank you, I was a little bummed, but it’s okay. We’ll just reschedule. :)

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