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May 15, 2013


ImageHi all,

Just a quick little note here. I have decided that with everything going on. Being married, buying a house, etc, I would start a new chapter with a new blog.

Find me here.

May 13, 2013

a green thumb.

I’ve been getting excited about moving (I really need to slow down until we sign more papers-but I can’t), and I’ve been imaging all the way we can make the front of the house (as well as the back deck) pretty and inviting. I have been trying to make sure I can keep something alive before we spend money on any plants. I mean, there’s no use if I am just going to kill them.Image

These little daisies are doing just fine though. Green and growing fast. Soon, I’ll have to transfer them into a bigger pot, but for now they are okay in this smaller pot. Seeing them grow and watching them change has me wanting to get more. Nobody can really have too many daisies, right?


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May 12, 2013

project life update.

Another quick Project Life post, as I am trying to keep up. We basically went from one stressful planning event to another, buying a house. But in the end, it is going to be more than worth it. We are excited and anxious and ready for it to be ours. Personally, I am waiting for something to come up that snatches it away from us. It seems like something always trips up our big plans, right?



May 4, 2013


It has been too quiet around here, I know, but life is moving along even though I haven’t been good at keeping track of it here.

And sadly, it probably won’t change for a few weeks. Life will be busy, and this blog will be quiet.

The wedding went perfectly (even with a few imperfections) and we are blissfully married. I have a husband! My dad was able to be there, and he rocked until almost 10 o’clock. If he was tired at all, he didn’t let on. It meant a lot to Greg and I both that he was feeling well enough to be there for us.

Now, we are closing in on a home. I will talk more about it later and the decision to not build like we had planned, in a more lengthy and probably picture-heavy post, but we found one that fits us and our needs/wants. Our bid went in yesterday, and we are confident that it is going to be ours. I have already started decorating it in my head. I know that a lot of you women reading this get what I am talking about.

Hopefully things continue to go smoothly and I can be back on a more regular basis soon!