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May 4, 2013


It has been too quiet around here, I know, but life is moving along even though I haven’t been good at keeping track of it here.

And sadly, it probably won’t change for a few weeks. Life will be busy, and this blog will be quiet.

The wedding went perfectly (even with a few imperfections) and we are blissfully married. I have a husband! My dad was able to be there, and he rocked until almost 10 o’clock. If he was tired at all, he didn’t let on. It meant a lot to Greg and I both that he was feeling well enough to be there for us.

Now, we are closing in on a home. I will talk more about it later and the decision to not build like we had planned, in a more lengthy and probably picture-heavy post, but we found one that fits us and our needs/wants. Our bid went in yesterday, and we are confident that it is going to be ours. I have already started decorating it in my head. I know that a lot of you women reading this get what I am talking about.

Hopefully things continue to go smoothly and I can be back on a more regular basis soon!


March 24, 2013

bridal shower.

mosaicd22383c9c5c9fb605e04ad46a89e8781d462f7cdWell, my bridal shower didn’t go exactly as planned, thanks to the snow. We woke up this morning to almost 8 inches of ugly snow (according to the airport readings), and knowing that a lot of people coming today would be driving an hour, we decided that the best thing to do was just cancel it. I really don’t want it on my conscience if someone would have car trouble or, worse, get in a wreck, just trying to get to my shower.

We were predicted to get ice and snow, but really, if you’re from Kansas, you know you don’t believe anything the weatherman says until it is on the ground.

It’s been a rough winter for us. Between the now three big snows that we have had, I think we are probably breaking some kind of snowfall records. I think even the snow-lovers are sick and tired of it. I for sure am.

So today, I am lounging again, I guess. I am going to work on our honeymoon minibook and maybe get a little organizing done. And I am going to wait on spring.

March 20, 2013


The RSVPS are coming in! My favorite are the ones that have cute little notes written on them.

Silly me, I forgot to leave a spot for the names on the actual card, or at least make it clear that the names might be useful on the envelope. I have a bunch that are blank, so I know how many people are coming, just don’t know who. Oh well, it’ll be a surprise I suppose!
IMG_5598Even with the parade of yellow happening through this house, it is still my favorite color. And definitely the right color for our wedding. It is fantastically us.

Only 38 days to go! We are still working away, and I am about to get into crazy-craft-making mode to make sure that jars are decorated and frames are painted. And I have to order the lace for the tables. And, and, and. Still so much to do, but I am chugging through.

March 12, 2013


Somethings happens
when my hand catches
the right light
and the diamonds are all

I smile and sigh
and quietly thank God that
you chose me.

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March 6, 2013

wedding programs.


I wasn’t sure just how I was going to do the programs for the wedding, especially since it is going to be a relatively shorter ceremony and we are having a small wedding party. No flower girl, no ring bearer, no ushers or anything like that.


I designed something quick (after a 5-minute rough sketch) to include our parents’ names, bridal party, and officiant. I cut regular white cardstock down to 4.25 x 5.5 inches and pressed print. After nearly 200 of them were printed, I flipped them over and printed one of my favorite quotes on the back. And it fits Greg and I pretty well.

Rounding the corners was my least favorite part of the whole process and the most time-consuming too. I really thought about quitting the rounding halfway through the stack, but of course the inconsistency would have driven me nuts.


I am happy with how they turned out, how expensive they were to make, and how they’ll fit into the other locker basket with the bird seed packets.

February 27, 2013

wedding wednesday.

Only two months to go. Two months until I, the girl who was always so good on her own, becomes a wife. So exciting.

While trying to wrap my head around all that, I have been trying to tackle the small wedding projects one at a time, finishing one before starting the next. Otherwise, I would have too many going on at once, and maybe lose my sanity all together. Checking things off the list is such a good feeling, having them complete and ready to go. On my snow days from work last week, I managed to get a lot checked off of the wedding to-do list. First, and easiest, was the card basket.

I have been thinking of this card basket since almost right after we got engaged. I love locker baskets, and I knew that I wanted to use one for our cards. I didn’t want it to be elaborate or too much. Just simple.IMG_5449I used the same sunshine cardstock from Paper Source that I used for our RSVPs, and yellow baker’s twine that I picked up last week at the cupcake shop. Originally, I was going to back each yellow letter with some of the Echo Park grey chevron paper that I used for our envelope liners, but the basket wasn’t wide enough to do that. And in the end, I am happy with the plain yellow.
IMG_5453With this project finished, I can move on to the next. I’ll be posting our program cards soon. And more snow pictures, probably, because we all know its been the biggest news lately.

January 27, 2013

wedding countdown: 3 months.


Only 3 months to go!

January 23, 2013

wedding wednesday: lace guestbook

I think my wedding could be categorized as a Mashup-Of-Pinterest-And-Crazy-Carrie-Ideas. It started out yellow and gray, and when I picked my dress, lace changed the whole thing again. I found this idea originally on Pinterest, and I decided to use the lace I already had picked for our table runners and centerpieces to finish it up.

I love it. No, really, I love it. It turned out a million times better than I dreamed it would. In fact, I thought I would be buying another book and trying something else because I would mess this one up. But no, this book will be around for many years. On our bookshelf in our new home one day.

I started by painting the front cover and back cover in an ivory paint (they were originally black) and then wrapped them in a piece of the lace that will be laid on our tables. I knew that if it looked messy, it would be okay. I wanted it to look somewhat imperfect right from the beginning.

Then I started wrapping lace and hot-gluing. It didn’t take long. Maybe a half hour. <3 The lace flower was the finishing touch, until I found those little pearls on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I couldn’t pass them up. And as I expected, it was perfect.



January 21, 2013

on being engaged.

I love being engaged.

I love people looking at us and thinking “Ah, they are so in love.” (I’m looking at you, Jim.) Because we are. I love people knowing that.

I am going to be a little sad when all the planning becomes real, and it is over. Not sad in a depressed way, just sad like we are closing that part of our relationship. I am so excited to open the MARRIED part though. To start a different kind of planning (the house and babies). To start life together.

Being engaged makes me feel a little like Cinderella. Everyone ask questions and wants to know the details. It seems like a wedding piques interest on a whole different level. It’s fun to gush over some things (invitations that I have still found myself smitten with) and hard to keep others hidden (the dress. I want to show you so bad, but I want even more for it to be a surprise). I am getting into high gear with things and am determined to have every single thing ready on 4-27-13. It’s work, but it’s so fun. I need a few extra hours in my day, but thankfully I have a flexible job that allows for some planning on breaks.

Being engaged is my favorite, but I can’t wait till I’m a wife.

January 16, 2013

wedding wednesday: our invites.

I was set from the very beginning that I would design my own invites, all the way through. There was no doubt in my mind that I could do it, and make them pretty.

I have finally finished them up, and they are (almost) ready to send out the door.

I designed the invites in Illustrator and printed them on Paper Source 5×7 gravel flat cards. The RSVPs were designed to fit in 4-bar envelopes, and they were also designed in Illustrator and printed on sunshine 5×7 flat cards. The envelope liners are cut from Echo Park gray and white chevron paper. They’re simple and happy, and I love the way they turned out. Better than I expected.

I added paper doilies inside so that it ties in with all the lace that is now incorporated throughout our entire wedding. I didn’t want two whole separate avenues with these, and I wanted the lace to make sense. To me, it does.



A DIY wedding wasn’t really in my agenda, but I am so glad that I have been in charge of every step of the wedding now. It means so much to me that people like it, and I hope that they see how “us” every aspect is.

Only 3 months to go.

December 27, 2012

4 months to go.

I can’t believe it’s so close. And getting closer.


Dress is ordered. Caterer is booked. Lace (for decor) is here, and invitations are getting close to being printed. Found someone we trust for the cake.


It’s getting there, but the next four months are going to be busy and stressful. And exciting too.

Wish me luck.

November 27, 2012

getting closer.

They told me it will go by quick, and it has. They weren’t lying.

And honestly I am scared. Not about marrying Greg. That is absolutely easiest part, the part I’ve been ready for, for a long time. Marrying him will be the breeze.

It’s the wedding in general that worries me. Will everything be done on time? What am I forgetting? Is everyone going to have a good time? Will it all be as beautiful as it is in my head? It’s worrisome!

Sometimes I think we should have just saved ourselves the money and the stress and just gone off and eloped. Or gone to the courthouse and done it. We could be married right now had we gone either of those routes. But we didn’t and a wedding we are having. I’m going to do my best to make it as fabulous as I can for everyone, but mostly for me and Greg.

Only my five months ago!

October 26, 2012

stocked up.

I made myself wait for as long as I could, but finally on Monday when I spent my morning in Kansas City, I went ahead and bought all the paper and envelopes for our wedding invitations and RSVPs and thank you cards. I am loaded up on grey and yellow for quite a while, and I am so excited about it. I will be cutting down our chevron paper for envelope liners and slowly getting things addressed.

I designed our invite to be simple but BOLD, sophisticated but not over-the-top. I love the way that they turned out.

Engagement photos are scheduled for sometime the next few weeks. All these couple shoots makes me so excited for our own. I am maybe too picky about this, but I figure if I’m not picky, maybe nobody else will be either.

September 17, 2012


Don’t let that picture fool you. It’s been a rather stressful week around here.

First, we signed out contract with the photographer for the wedding. That was actually a load off, I guess. He is awesome, both as a photographer and a person. I am excited that he is a part of our big day!

Then, Sons of Anarchy started their new season on Tuesday, and I drove to Kansas City to watch it with Greg and Brandy and Mike. Then Thursday Greg texted me early that Grant and him were going to the hospital because Mike had been taken to the ER. I wasn’t sure on details and neither was Greg for a a while. It turns out that Mike has an infection somewhere that they can’t find yet, but it caused his autonomic dysreflexia to flare up and his blood pressure to spike which then caused a bleed in his brain. Scary, scary shit.

Something similar happened to Jake and he died just a few hours later. I was scared and didn’t really know how to react to think that the same thing could happen to Mike. Paralysis is a funny and weird condition, and it comes out of nowhere.

GOOD NEWS: It appears that Mike probably doesn’t have any permanent damage to his brain. He is talking good now and his blood pressure is down, although they are still trying to locate and diagnose the infection. I am hoping by tomorrow they have more news. Better news.

So just give me a little favor and pray that nothing else happens for Mike. He doesn’t need it right now!

August 27, 2012


August 8, 2012

wedding wednesday.

In only 8 and a half months, this man is going to be my husband. Can you believe it?

We have started out guest list (drafts) and have found a photographer. Chris Gharst is fantastic (I’ve known him for a while), and I cannot wait to see how he captures us on our big day. It makes me smile to know that he is going to make this day beautiful forever for us.

Also, I’ve found the dress. It’s going to be a surprise so I don’t want to post links or pictures here, but I will make assure you that it is beautiful and exactly what I imagined in a wedding dress for me.


Things are going so well with this planning. I am not stressed or feeling pressured to get things done (yet), but I am also refusing still to be a procrastinator.

April 27 is going to be perfect.

July 11, 2012

wedding wednesday: colors

Yellows and grays. I love this combo so much. I always have, and I love it for our wedding. Yellow kind of fits us. We’re happy and cheerful and have that “bright” thing going on when we’re together. The gray? It’s just my favorite neutral color and goes with my sunshiny yellow pretty perfectly. There will also be some cream splashed around–a lacy cream.

Things are coming together nicely all around. I have been working on invite designs and RSVP cards, and I’m almost happy with how they look. It’s going to be tough to wait on printing those babies out once I get them done.

Next, the food and cake and decor and clothes and ahhh, all of it!

June 26, 2012

and my girls are…

Greg and I agreed early on that our wedding party would be small, not because we were at a shortage of people but because we didn’t want the whole thing to be centered around who was in it, what they wore, etc., instead of the fact that we have each other and want to be husband-and-wife. We don’t want a wedding just for the sake of having one. Greg will have his brother, Grant, and best friend, Mike, and I will have my sister, Darcy, and best friend, Maria. Small. Simple.

These two girls have gotten me through the toughest times of my life. They have supported me, loved me, and fought with me. They make me laugh until I cry. They know how much I love and adore Greg, and I want them up there with me when I take on a new role, not just sister or best friend. I’ll be a wife.

I got each of them an & ring from catbirdnyc and wrote them a note to officially ask if they would be my maid of honor and bridesmaid. I gave Darcy hers first and forced her to not post any pictures on Facebook until after I gave Maria her ring. Of course, they both said yes. Not that there was ever any doubt.

So now we have our wedding party settled and ready. We have our date. We have our place. This whole wedding thing might be easier than I thought.

June 7, 2012

oh, the place.

We found it. The place. The Victorian Veranda Inn. The photos and site don’t do this place justice. It’s so pretty and quiet and simple. So us.

The innkeeper, Rob, is so nice and accommodating. We met with him on Sunday, and he seems like someone who would have been a teacher. That patient kind of person with little quirks. I like that about him. He was concerned about accessibility issues, but it is going to work out just fine for us. In fact, it’s more accessible than a lot of places I have been.

Since Greg and I live about an hour apart, it was only fair to get a place in between here and Kansas City. Our families and friends will have about the same driving distance, and we will be on neutral ground. It’s going to be awesome.

So the date and place are ours. Now onto the rest…