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August 20, 2008

in lines of 3.

I’ve been exhausted. Utterly bitchy and tired every moment of the past few days.
I don’t like it, and I’m sure nobody else does either.
A doc visit might be in order though.

Being “boyless” kinda sucks, but I’m dealing fine.
After all, this is what I wanted, right?
Yeah, that’s what I keep telling myself too.

School is back in the swing of it. Half the reason for the exhaustion and crabbiness.
I underestimated the amount of reading that 5 classes would involve.
So tomorrow will be a day spent at the library, reading and doing quizzes.

I’ve been taking my camera with me everywhere.
It seemed like every time I didn’t have it, I found something awesome to snap.
I’m not taking any more chances like that.

That’s about it, I guess.
It’ll take a few more weeks before college rips my sanity from me,
so you can still expect some posts in the future days.