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March 15, 2013

ideas in my head.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very motivated and inspired to design. Everything. I have sketches for stamps and cards and baby announcements (not mine!) and birthday invitations. I have ideas and colors picked out for most of them too.

I get on these spurts where my brain is so overflowing with ideas that I can hardly get them onto the blank page fast enough. They are just there.

New stamps are going to be ready in early May probably. I am not putting any more pressure on myself than I need before and immediately after our wedding. So they’ll have to wait until I am ready to get back to real life.

Most of them are summer-related and are all things that I will be using in my own Project Life. Fun.

Now, if only I can pick and choose which ones I can’t live without. That is always the hard part.

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January 25, 2013

new prints.

I put a few new prints in the Etsy shop.I had originally made one for my sister to frame, and I’ve been asked a few times where I got. Well, here they are!




I hope you like em!

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October 23, 2012

project life: week 42

So much was down this week. That to-do list managed to dwindle down, and I could not be happier.

Only 10 weeks left to document in this year!

August 20, 2012


So I mentioned I am slightly obsessed with designing my own stamps, right? I love it. I love having stamps that nobody else has, anywhere.

A lot of small shops have been popping up lately with stamps designed by some of the most creative and stamp-savvy women I know. They are inspiring, and they make beautiful stuff.

Check out:
Elise Blaha Cripe
Amanda Rose
Kelly Purkey
Ann Marie

I’m probably missing some (feel free to put links in comments if you want), but those 4 are the biggest ones I’ve seen recently.

My own are not for sale, but the thought has crossed my mind. We’ll see if anyone shows interest. Otherwise, I’ll just stick to designing for myself. And that’s okay with me. :)

July 6, 2012

Oh, Friday!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. I know we did. Tuesday night I went to Greg’s sister’s house and watched the Turner fireworks with his family. They are so fun and easy to be around. On Wednesday, we had a family get together at my brother’s house and lit fireworks and ate good food. I will post more pictures from yesterday’s festivities when I get time.

Today: I am working on what feels like a Tuesday. And then I’m catching up on blogs and cards after work. I’ll post pictures of the new cards I have soon, but they won’t be up in the shop for a little while. I also ordered three more new stamps. I’m on this kick of designing stamps and using them in my projects. Not that I don’t love everyone else’s stamps (because if I had tons of money to spend, that’s probably what I would spend it on), but I just like the feeling of making my own. I’ll get pics of those as soon as I get them.

July 2, 2012

here we are already.

June brought the heat, but definitely not enough rain. It brought many laughs and good times and an engagement (Congrats Lindsay and Todd!). But July is here, and summer is in full swing. There is a lot of talk of boats, sunburns, humidity, and scorching 100 degree afternoons.

I managed to get most of my goals met for June, but there always seems to be some straggling goals leftover somewhere, spilling out for another month. I need to learn to look at the small things that make a whole goal and go for those, I guess. Simplicity.

July goals:
– blog 3x per week. I’ve been sporadic at times lately.
– make a first draft of guest list
– get trailer off land (there’s the straggler goal)
– finish a book. Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby is the main one I’m reading right now.
– catch up on me time. A day to myself.
– make Etsy a priority. I need to get back to that.

May 16, 2012


April 22, 2012

so true.

April 28, 2011

it’s not just type.

I go into a project, any project really, knowing that the people who see it and read it probably won’t care at all about the design or the paper or the craftiness. Those things won’t cross their mind twice before they toss whatever it is into a pile on their table or straight in the trash. I could use a Sharpie and index cards for an invitation for all they care.

Maybe the design isn’t important to them, but it is to me. Even if it’s simple (which I tend to like more anyway) and uses text only.

That will be my plan for the family reunion invitations. Simple, text, straight to the point. I’m printing them on A7 flat cards from Paper Source in paper bag color and using Paper source envelopes in red. With my new HP Photosmart Premium printer. That thing is heaven with ink, I swear. It is going to make this project easy peasy, I hope. I still have to finish up the back, but there’s plenty of time for that.

April 5, 2011

A new kind of sketch.

As in blueprints. House plans. Layouts of rooms.

I have been ready to move for a while. I wrote a year or so ago about a townhome that I was going to get. That didn’t happen, mainly because I was apprehensive and too chicken to admit it. Plus I didn’t have a job.

This year is different, with a whole different set of plans. I want to build a house. My brother first brought up the idea, considering buying a house and modifying it would still leave me a little empty. He knows me and my “I-want-it-this-way” type of thing about interiors/interior design. I was like “No way!” at first, but as time goes on and houses I have looked at on the market are out of the question, the idea sounds better and better. It will be a one-level berm home. No need for a basement (super good idea for a handicapped person) and cheaper on heating/cooling.

(Plus my dad just can’t stay in this house. Most people with emphysema can’t handle dust/pollen/etc., and my dad is no different. I’m moving, and I’m taking my parents with me.)

I am planning on skylights (this makes me heart flutter!) and bright walls (think yellow/white for the office) and open spaces. A few years ago, we took a vacation to Branson, and the condo we stayed at was open and airy and beautiful. I want my home to feel that way too.

More on this as plans develop. :)

March 3, 2011

there are ideas a-swirling.

Lots of them, and my sketchbook is quickly filling up. Who knows what I’ll actually go through with designing (or what I’ll have time to design anytime soon), but at least I have them there where I can see them.

I love that idea-in-my-head feeling. Don’t you?

September 11, 2010

current project: affirmation prints.

Still tweaking text and colors, but it’ll be done one of these days.

August 2, 2010

25 to-do.

I am excited to have this done and ready to go. It will be full of pictures, words, and random junk by the end of my 25th year.

This year’s book measures 7.5 x 5.75, but several pieces are smaller. I am obsessed with using different sizes of paper in my minibooks. It feels like layers to me, and I am all about layers.

I’ll do a separate post on the actual goals for the next year in the next few days. They deserve their own post.

Because the bookrings are spaced the way they are, I am able to efficiently use both 4×6 and 5×7 pieces easily. I started off right away with 1.5″ bookrings because I had to upgrade the 1″ rings on my 24 book to larger ones once I got closer to the end. I have a lot of stuff in that little bitty book.

I used the Poplar STD font for all printed words, except for the double 25 spread. I thought it needed something different and just used a normal serif font.

Blue and gray were the initial colors I wanted to use (something was intriguing about the sky that day), but I needed a little splash of something bright so I made a yellow envelope and plan on using more yellow throughout for journaling backgrounds and accents. Yellow is my sunshine, I suppose. The front and back chipboard covers were left unpainted because I think there is just something rugged and comforting about the kraft brown look.

I really like the paper I used for this project. The blues are each a different shade of the sky blue I was looking for, and each have a distinct pattern. One, in fact, is pretty similar to the comforter I am ordering for my bed. I am in love with simple designs these days.

Now let’s hope I can keep up and get some of these things done!

June 30, 2010

oh, the nerd in me loves this.

If this isn’t the cutest and intoxicatingly nerdy design piece, I don’t know what is. And I am totally in love with it. If I can find a cheap thrifted globe, I will be making one of my own for my room upgrade that is happening in the next few months.

May 5, 2010


Well, they hired somebody else for that job I applied for. Okay, it’s not a huge surprise, but still, I’m a little disappointed. I totally understand their reasoning though. I am inexperienced in their sort of work/writing and would like to focus more on the graphic and layout design avenue than they needed. I’m glad they gave me a straight answer about that, instead of giving me some vague “you’re not what we’re looking for” crap.

Anyway, onto the next. I am amped up and ready to keep looking.

January 15, 2010

project one down.

Business cards for Angie are done. Now onto the other flyers and newspaper ad that will be run. I figured that since all the pieces will be similar I’d just blog about them now, even though only the business cards are ready to be shown.

Angie didn’t really have a look she definitely wanted besides something “simple” so she left me to the full designing and “feel.” I wasn’t sure at first if I was excited about that, or completely terrified.

I love the look of handwritten words on any advertising though, so I wanted to incorporate that. When I told her about my idea to make it look like a piece of hair being cut by scissors, she loved the idea, and off I went.

Obviously, it took a few times to get one that I liked.


She didn’t have a huge budget to work with, and the entire thing cost less than $30 for all her cards. We bought precut cards and printed them on my Espon printer. They turned out better than I thought they would, truthfully.

January 12, 2010


Things are looking up in the utter boredom area. I have projects lined up, mainly the business card design and advertising design for Angie’s hair salon and Matt’s graduation announcements. It’s exciting to know that people want me to design anything for them considering I’m so “new” to the game.

It gives me a confidence that I think I lost for a little bit. Between this awful weather and the reality that job openings are so few and far between around here, it has been grey around here lately. Keeping busy and seeing the sun shine and temperatures finally reach the 20s for 2 days in a row has been awesome. I never thought I would welcome 32 degrees with such open arms, but we have major snow that needs melting. Let’s get RID of it!

It feels like that boredom that students get when winter break has reached the wall of boredom and they are ready to go back to classes. Speaking of which, I have again been looking at KU’s graduate programs. I thought I had my mind set on it a few months ago, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bounce around a decision like this in my head a hundred times. Back and forth. That’s just how I am.