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March 29, 2013

blog post planner. free download.

IMG_5578I have tried a lot of different post planners in my years as a blogger. Some work well for me, some don’t. I think it all depends on lifestle really, and whether someone is more paper-oriented (me) or technology-oriented (semi-me). I try to make myself put more use into apps on my phone so that I can have everything available at all times, but it never lasts long. I am always making to-do lists and blog ideas on scraps of paper or Post-It notes.

IMG_5577I designed this one so that it will fit nicely in my large Moleskine planner without hanging out over the edges, plus I wanted a size that I could pop into my printer without cutting (one of my least favorite parts of paper projects). I bought 5×8 large index cards at my local office supply store, and adjusted my page setup in Adobe, and printed a stack in less than 5 minutes. And to save paper, I flipped them over and printed again. 2 blog posts on one piece of paper.

I always carry a few blank ones with me in my planner as well as ones that I am already working on. I take down points and links I want to include and any specific pictures that I know I will want. Easy peasy.

If you’d like to download a copy for yourself, the link is below for a PDF version.

Download 5×8 blog planner