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March 4, 2013

she is fierce.

IMG_5518_tealI love this quote. Who couldn’t? It’s Shakespeare. It sums up so many women, in so many different ways, in so many different places in their life.

I originally was going to give my sister a print for her office with this quote, but I ended up finding one that fit us better. So I made one for my own office, and listed some in my Etsy also. And women liked them. I sold 6 of them pretty quickly. I have re-listed some (both 4×6 and 5×7).

Go get ’em here.

January 25, 2013

new prints.

I put a few new prints in the Etsy shop.I had originally made one for my sister to frame, and I’ve been asked a few times where I got. Well, here they are!




I hope you like em!

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December 5, 2012

christmas cards 2012.

Christmas cards this year were easy. Easy in the sense that I knew I wanted something simple, easy, small, and us. Greg is very much like me in that he doesn’t like a whole lot of stuff going on. He trusts me with our paper projects (cards, invites, etc.), and I love him for that. So I knew he would like the same thing as me.
I designed the front in October and forced myself to wait until around Thanksgiving to print onto the 5×7 kraft paper from Paper Source. I cannot be the only one obsessed with kraft paper for just about every single thing. I love it. It’s beautiful.

I folded and used washi tape to put our Christmas picture (actually it’s a leftover picture–my favorite ever–from this summer) to the inside. The envelopes had to be red, because red screams Christmas, red is Christmas. I stamped an Amy Tangerine stamp on the back, and used green washi to close.

I love the way they turned out. Can’t wait to get them out in the mail, and into the hands of our favorite people.

p.s. These cards are also available in my Etsy shop, if you should happen to love them too!

November 6, 2012


I’ve never done a craft show before. Not that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind many time, but I never really got enough umph to actually do it. But Sandra and I have decided to go ahead and participate in Berryton’s craft show. Since that is where we’ll be residing soon and our kids will eventually go to school, I like the idea of getting to know the community and the people. December 8!

I’ll be selling my cards, stamps, and small mini books. I have been printing, folding, assembling and visualizing how I want things to look. It’s getting closer, and I am almost positive I’ll be ready far ahead of time. Exciting.

Sandra will be selling her crochet goods. Super cute hats, baby booties, and baby cocoon outfits. Check them out on her Etsy shop, Five Kids and a Cow. So cute.

Looking forward to the fun.

October 4, 2012

new cards too!

I am on a roll with these new listings, right?! I found whatever motivation I had been missing and put it into designing and posting the past week or so. It feels good to be creative again after a little bit of a inspiration dry spell.

I am going to blame the burst of inspiration on the warm tea and crisp leaves that come with the beginning of fall. I so love this weather.

These cute little cards are available now in the shop.

August 22, 2012

stamps for sale.

In case everybody didn’t hear or see on some other site, stamps are for sale at my Etsy shop!

Go over and get one (or four)!

June 28, 2012

etsy update.

I have completely neglected my Etsy shop in the past 6-8 months. It’s been a very busy and happy and crazy time in my life with work and love. Who knew being happy could consume so much time?

Anyway, I have relisted some extra cards I have sitting around and am currently designing new ones, simple ones, ones that say what sometimes not easily said out loud. Bo looking for those soon.

Until then, spread the word.

January 29, 2012

happy kansas day.

I love you, Kansas. Really, I do.


March 24, 2011

clk. on a ring.

CLK. That’s me. Er, my initials anyway. And now I can wear them on my hand.

Isn’t it beautiful? I love it. Simple and sleek and it fits my skinny ole fingers!

I ordered it from Agustina Fernandez via her Etsy shop a few weeks ago, and I was actually surprised it arrived so quickly. Besides being completely handmade for me, it came all the way from Argentina. I can’t help looking through her jewelry and wanting to order more!

February 2, 2011

in time for valentine’s day.

The cards are here. They might just make someone happy.

I can feel love starting to fill the air around here lately. People get so giddy in February. It’s odd.

I made my own snow day today. There’s really not a way I could have waded through this deep snow and made it to work today. And if I had gotten there, I wouldn’t have been able to get out. So here I am, at home, snuggle in pajamas and without a lick of makeup on. Maybe some snow isn’t so bad all the time.

November 1, 2010

etsy update.

I have decided to put a few matte prints of my photos on my Etsy. I love taking pictures and putting them up, and hopefully others will as well!

Find them here.

October 11, 2010

I love you’s.

My Etsy was included in its first ever Treasury. Cute, eh?

July 26, 2010

Polaroid cards.

I have had this idea for quite a while but just never got around to actually getting everything together and doing it. It must be the procrastination in me, telling me that I can do it tomorrow.

I bought some Polaroid 600 film on Ebay a few months ago, and when I got it and shot the first picture, it came out with AXE across the bottom. Now I like my man to have some AXE and smell good, but to have it advertised at the bottom of my Polaroid? Not so much.

I decided to use the rest of the film as pieces for cards. So I took some photos of a “Love” painting I did. The colors and the heart worked pretty well for this. I cut the words off the bottom and sewed them onto folded cream cards with shiny silver thread and got matching cream envelopes. I love the way they turned out.

I think I am going to go to the carousel in the next week or so to see what kinds of shots would work for this. The colors should be pretty if nothing else. :)

But for now, the heart Polaroid cards are in the shop.

June 24, 2010


I have to tell you how much I am in love with this Etsy shop. Finally, someone who loves Jane Austen and Pride & Prejudice as much as I do! This mug is my absolute favorite.

I have a feeling that my cupboard will be filled with a set of these….

June 15, 2010

dinner coupons.

My very good friend Robyn recently graduated, and, being the late last-minute sort of person that I am, didn’t have time to go to the store to pick up a gift card before I left to go to her party (I was sick too, which didn’t help). Instead, I pulled out a blank index card and drew my own gift card to stick in her “congratulations” card. And this idea was born.

I changed it a bit and used my Bamboo tablet to write too. They’re available nowhere and here in sets of 3, in 2 different color schemes. Pastel or bright. They’re pretty darling, if I do say so myself. :)

June 11, 2010

oh, watercolor.

I have started to love watercolor lately. I was playing around the other day and made a tiny version of these, on a business card-sized letterpress cards I made. It turned out so pretty that I had to make some larger versions.

Each is unique and different from the other. That’s one of the things that I love about them.

They’ll be available here in sets of 4. Why 4? Well, because I only had 8 matching envelopes left. I’ve got to get some more if/when these two sets sell.

June 10, 2010

swift kick.

I have felt so motivated and energetic over the past few days. I think opening that Etsy shop was just the kick I needed to finally feel creative again. Besides the project I promised this week, I have a few other things in mind that I want to get started on.

Also, thank you for the kind comments on this post. I received a few in the comment section, one by email, and a few on my Flickr. I just want to assure you all that I really do smile more than it seems. haha. It may not seem like it, I guess, by some of the poems I post here, but let me assure you, I really do. I’m a happy person, and if I met most of you, I’d probably hug you. Some of those poems were written during a hard break-up, but I’m just now finding that I want to share them. So as the time goes, and I run out of old poems, maybe it will seem cheerier around here. :)

And don’t feel shy about passing the shop around to your friends. *nudge, nudge*

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June 5, 2010


I’m opening an Etsy shop. FINALLY! It’s not going to be a business per se, but I’m just going to make a few extras of whatever project I am working on and put them up for others, if they want them. I’ve been adding to my collection of cards over the past few months in anticipation of opening a shop, but I never really had the umph to do it. Lately I have been motivated to get it going though.

I’ve got everything ready–or I think so anyway–and am opening sometime next week. I am one of those people who like to have the smallest details sorted out before doing something. Maybe I’m putting too much thought into it, but that’s just me. You’ve all probably figured that out by now.

Next week, I’ll post the URL and everything.

I’ve also got a project next week that I am excited about. Hopefully it turns out as beautifully as it is in my head.

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