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October 21, 2012

life in squares.

1. This kid is crazy. Tattoos on her face, arms, belly. She had a good time at Aunt Arlene’s birthday party, that’s for sure.

2. Fall is here. Beautiful trees, the smell of dry, dusty leaves, and orange pumpkins everywhere. I love it.

3. I am finishing Blog, Inc by Joy Cho. Such a good informative book.

4. Christmas cards are designed, and I am impatient to start printing and assembling them. Just a tad early, I know.

October 1, 2012

october goals

October is here already! This year has been blowing past, and I can’t hang onto it. I need time to slow down so that I can soak in all the good things that have happened to me since last October.

But since that won’t happen, I’ll have to settle for making big projects small, and checking things off the list:

+ engagement pictures
+ order invite stuff
+ figure out menu for wedding
+ gain at least 3 pounds

October 23, 2011


Sunday is my favorite day of the week because you can be as slow and lazy as you want, and nobody is going to tell you that you are wrong for needing some of that kind of time. For reading, for laughing, for no makeup and still feeling good, for being with people who want to be slow and lazy with you.

Today was just fantastic.

**Also, sending good thoughts to my nephew who had an emergency appendectomy last night. He is a tough kid, and hopefully he can get out of the hospital soon!

October 5, 2011

fall is my favorite.

I used to think summer was my season, with all the sunshine and tank top weather, but I was wrong. Hoodies, chilly morning/evening air, changing leaves, hot coffee and driving with the windows open and the wind in my hair. I love it all more than sweltering heat.

I am soaking up all the beauty that is fall before it gets too cold, though it is somewhat calming to be able to wrap up in a blanket and just chill for a minute.

I need some chill.

September 21, 2010

and it’s autumn.

I need to retain
some sort of sanity

since sleep comes so infrequently
and dreams less so,
my mind is foggy and tired
of focusing.

Fall should be foggy–
in a good way–

a chilly leaves-stuck-to-the-road kind of way,
a let’s-go-trick-or-treating-in-the-dark kind of way,
a hold-my-cold-hand-in-yours kind of way.

Hoodies and cider,
pumpkins and football,
fleece blankets and dusty air.

Let’s settle in
for a good one.

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November 13, 2009

change of heart.

I thought I wanted you to hurry up and turn into winter, but I’m enjoying the colors (however dull they are becoming) and the soft cool wind. I’m enjoying the memories you make and the ones you conjure from my mind. I’m enjoying the bright, bright sun and the early evenings.

I’m enjoying you. Don’t hurry off. Stay awhile, please.

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October 12, 2008


After a few days in a small, whiney slump, I am back.  I don’t enjoy moments of being pessimistic and seemingly depressed, and it makes me angry that I even get like that.  But then I think I am allowed some time to feel that way also, even if I scold myself for using any minute of the day on such worthless emotions.  So here is to the end of that!

This coming week is going to be a big one.  I am finally sending in the application to the library for the vacant intern position.  I really wish I could express how much I want this internship.  It’s practically perfect.  I was a little bit disappointed though when I read somewhere toward the end of the job description something about needing to climb stairs.  Well, obviously that isn’t an option for me because of my wheelchair, but I heard Dr. Barb’s voice in my head.  I could remember her distinctly saying “Job descriptions are describing what the absolute perfect person would be, not necessarily what they are expecting to hire.”  So I am going to apply anyway.  I have almost all of the other qualifications they are looking for, so I am confident that the fact that I cannot walk, or use stairs, will be something they are able to overlook.

I am itching to take my camera out and have some shooting time, but I have so much to do! I may just have to be patient until all the trees turn thoses gorgeous colors.

October 11, 2008

around this time.

Kansas, October 10, 2008

I remember when I first fell in love, and the weather on that day was just like it is today. We had to crunch through dry leaves on his driveway, and there was a big pumpkin on the porch. Fall felt good, and the wind smelled of that dry dust that comes with the need to rake.

I remember being young, and possibly too naive, but I remember that the feeling was by itself great. He had captured me after a few months of the chase, and giving in was the most spontaneous I had probably ever been.

I remember only wanting to be with him because he was in the plans for the future.

I remember that he was one of the greatest guys I had ever met, at that point.

His kiss on my forehead was all that I needed to smile, and I could sit without complaint to watch him slave away working on 4-wheelers. Spending time with him was my idea of fun.

I remember being in love.

September 29, 2008

entering the next phase.

September 28, 2008

I always feel that when a change in seasons is upon us and the weather begins to change, that a certain kind of cleansing happens. A cleansing that allows us to get rid of the bad or angry feelings, any stress or negativity from the season before, and start fresh.

Even though the weather is still somewhat summery, I have felt that change happening in me this weekend. I relaxed. I read a book, for fun. I emailed an old friend, using my extra few minutes to make sure he knew I missed him instead of slaving over the things I should have been doing. I always get a sentimental feeling about seasons changing, because there will never be another spring of 03 or summer of 08, etc. I package them in my mind and try to remember things that happened by the month. It doesn’t always work, but I try.

This fall I am looking forward to the breezy air, the smell of dusk and stomped-through leaf piles. I am looking forward to candy corn and little kid Halloween costumes. I am looking forward to times with friends and photo sessions (yes, I have people that want me to do portraits for them for fall!).

I am looking forward to it all.