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March 8, 2012

so smooth.

I did it. I finally broke down and bought an iPhone 4s. Okay, “broke down” gives the impression that I was resistant to the idea of having one when really I drooled over the iPhone from the very beginning. Sprint just didn’t have it until recently, and my upgrade wasn’t due for months and months when it was released.

All that matters is that it is mine now. (So what if I paid a little bit extra to hurry my upgrade up by 2 months!)

Favorite thing #1: It syncs with my iPad & iMac. Life (and organization) just got a whole lot easier.

Favorite thing #2: FaceTime. Greg goes to Indianapolis for who-knows-how-long for work on Monday, and this is probably going to get a lot of use.

Favorite thing #3: Instagram. Like Twitter, with pictures. And filters. And friends. So fun. I even got Darcy into it.

Least favorite thing: I don’t want to scratch it or drop it or even touch it because it is so beautiful, I want to keep it perfect.

October 9, 2010

the search is over.

And a new van will be mine next week. After a stroke of luck (extremely good luck), I found one in town, and for a super cheap price for what the van is actually worth. I swear, you’d think this thing is brand new. Only 13,000 miles and smells super clean and new. I went and talked to the man who owns it. His wife died around a year ago, and he no longer needs such an adapted van. Apparently I make an impression or something because he is selling is to me for what a dealership considers wholesale price.

Some people as young as me who are handicapped don’t want to drive a van, but frankly I don’t care either way. It’s easy to get in and go, do what I want by myself, get wherever I want to go. Who cares if i look like a soccer mom? I sure don’t.

I’ll get pics of it as soon as I can. We’ll probably pick it up Monday or Tuesday, and then I have to get tags, insurance, and all that crap. Then I have to get an EZ Lock installed so I can drive it.

So excited! Check another goal off the list.