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March 23, 2012

thinking about…

+ the little things. Whoever first said that they are all that matters was a wise one.

+ forgiveness. There is a point where hating someone only turns into a double-edged sword and eventually only hurts the one who hates. There is no harm in forgiveness. It doesn’t mean you have to be around that person or like them or be friends with them. It just means that you can go about your day without feeling immense fire inside if you simply see their name. There is no harm in forgiveness.

+ work. I realize I’ve let it bring me down and frustrate me beyond what I should have.

+ my need to breathe. I’m thinking of taking a ME day when the weather stays decent. My camera, my journal, and my thoughts.

+ my blog. I mean, do I really ever say anything new? It feels like I am going in circles in thought and have nothing intriguing to say anymore. I need to find some inspiration. Something, somewhere.

March 16, 2009

thrifting on a good day.

I don’t know what it is about days like today, but they just have a way of dissipating all of the bad things that are going on. Really, things that are going on aren’t exactly bad, just aggravating and annoying and slightly worrisome. I won’t go all into it, mostly because I don’t want to get riled up again.

But the sunshine and warm weather just melted away anything that I might be upset about. Plus I went to the thrift store and found some amazing mason jars with handles! They remind me of being a kid and drinking lemonade in the summer. Finding a set of 5 (4 matching and 1 oddball one) was the highlight of my day. No joke. And they were only 99 cents a piece!

I don’t usually like thrift stores at all, but lately I have found some good (old vintageish) stuff that is so cool. Some of the things I have found I plan on re-doing and making it completely different than what it is now. For instance, an old tv tray I found with this weird design is gonna be a calender, with magnet numbers so it can be changed every month. I don’t have the time to finish that project, but as soon as I have a chance, I want to get it done.

Some of the furniture they have at the thrift store (we have a few in town, but one is closer than the rest) is neat too, and I have had some ideas of things I could spice it up. I don’t want brand new furniture when I move. I want my place to look mismatched and cozy and vintage, like I live a “simple” life. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone else, but the vision in my head makes sense (I feel like I have said this before here, lol). It’s going to be a work in progress, but I think it will be what makes my home unique.

Tomorrow is going to be nice too, and although I have to work, which means being in the basement of TSCPL for 7-8 hours, I plan on doing something creative after work. Maybe painting, maybe I’ll finishing the felt matting for Lindsay’s sonogram picture, or something else, but I need an outlet for the frustrations I have felt since Saturday. I am learning that working it out creatively makes me feel much better than screaming at someone or crying.

It’s way prettier too.

October 14, 2008

hold up.

I am exhausted and in the matter of 24 hours or so, my life has gotten a whole lot more stressful. Yearbook stories aren’t working out, and are actually becoming more of a pain in the rear than I even wanted them to be. Honestly, I am kind of sick of it. I am going to get through this semester, and then see what happens. I might not be able to handle the frustration that it brings. I don’t like for Shalyn and Kori to be waiting on me to finish things before they can do their job. And I can’t finish the stories if people won’t call me back. Plus I have about a gazillion other things to do on top on yearbook. Seriously, I wanna rip someone’s head off.

March 1, 2008

What a way to start March.

At some point today, I know I’m going to cry. It’s been one of those days already, actually one of those weeks. Nothing seems to have gone the way I wanted, and I’m just completely void of motivation. I’m so ready for spring. And I need a theraputic trip to Barnes and Noble to clear my head. I wonder sometimes how I let everything get so confusing.