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June 18, 2012

this is what we did Saturday night.

So much fun. Scary fun, but fun.

January 23, 2012

good weekend.

+ Nuclear Cowboyz with the crew. So much fun.
+ Looked at this gun. I don’t really know why I want one so bad, but I do.
+ Power & Light and dancing and laughing.
+ QT food.
+ Good sister convo on the way home from KC.
+ Pictures.
+ Dinner at Grant and Shannon’s.
+ Cracking up at Myles. That little guy is funny.
+ Not enough sleep, but plenty of fun. <3

March 13, 2011

Big XII Champions!

KU Jayhawks did it again!

Brady, my 17-year-old nephew, and I drove down to Kansas city early, and it’s a good thing we did. There were so many people and so much stuff to do. They had set up games and vendors outside of the Sprint Center, and all you could see was red and blue for 2 blocks, besides a few Texas fans sprinkled around.

We met Wayne Simien. Seriously one of the coolest “famous” people I’ve ever met. He only spent a few years in the NBA before calling it quits (he won a championship with the Heat even) and becoming a minister. Big change of lifestyle, I’m sure.

The game was awesome. It was close at first, then KU got a 10-point or so lead and kept it for pretty much the entire 2nd half. The Morris twins both had a great game, and Tyrell Reed did his first-ever KU jam. I can say that I have never felt so much excitement in one place.

Can’t wait for the NCAA tourney!

February 12, 2011

oh to be that young again.

Last weekend we celebrated Darcy’s birthday, and tonight will be her daughter Lindsay’s celebration for her 21st. It’s hard to believe that my niece is that old already. 21 seems like forever ago to me, but it was a good age. I plan on helping her make 21 a good age for her too.

With only about 5 years between us, we’ve never really had a aunt-niece relationship. More like cousins or sisters. When I was a teenager and finally got a car, I’d go pick her up to go to the mall or wherever. We were close. We still are, but she has her own little family now (Dayton is such a riot). She knows, though, that if she needed anything, I’d be there no matter what.

Happy birthday (party!) Lindsay!

February 6, 2011

these are my people.

I sometimes dread going out, only because somewhere in the night, there could be a fight or too much drinking. Or that the next morning, I am going to wake up with a horrible headache.

Last night, though, was pretty perfect. We had such a good time laughing and story-telling and eating and making fun of each other for Darcy’s birthday. I definitely needed a night like this with real people. There wasn’t too much drinking, no fighting, and this morning, no signs of a hangover.

So much stress melted away. Next weekend is Lindsay’s 21st (she had to drink Sprite all night!), so I am hoping for a repeat.

Darcy, Lindsay, and myself.

The group of girls.

Amanda and I.

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November 4, 2010

it was cold but we did it anyway.

We had a small photo session with Mark, Ashley and the girls this weekend. Those 3 just love having their picture taken, even more when they feel like little models and have all the attention.

They’re getting pretty good at it.

August 12, 2010

in the k-mart parking lot.

He was smiling
with her on his hip
acting just as goofy
as he looked.

His daughter–
blonde and tomboy
all the way through.

She changed my story once

and she’s done it again.

His daughter–
she makes me heart melt
almost as much
as he used to.

July 19, 2010

24. It’s almost over.

In just a few weeks, I’ll be turning 25, and I’ll have to make a new goal minibook. I have an idea already for what I want to do with it (for one, I won’t use that pink fabric paint to try to outline the numbers, that’s for sure), but I am forcing myself to wait to get it together. I’m hanging onto 24 for as long as I can.

This book was really fun to keep up with. I found the idea via Elise (of course), and it made me feel motivated to accomplish the things I want because they were right there on the page staring at me. I won’t list all of them since some of them are (to me) personal, but in the last year, I have been able to check off most of the 24 things I have listed. For instance, I learned a new skill (crochet), ate healthier, and paid off all my debt (although I acquired a new credit card charge a few days ago when I bought the EVO). Other goals I had (like experiencing every bar at Power & Light district in KC) have changed. Going out and drinking aren’t things that really interest me anymore so that goal is irrelevant to me now.

Years from now, I look forward to looking through this book, at the goals and pictures, and reexamining how life has changed (or not changed).

24 sure has been one of the calmer years of my life, and I’m not complaining.

July 5, 2010

oh the little things.

You know those songs that take you somewhere else completely when you hear them? Back to wherever it was that you first heard them? Or remind you of someone special (or not so special, I suppose)? Here are a few of mine:

+ John Mayer–The entire Heavier Things album

I got this after I was injured and spent more than a few tears on it.

+ Michelle Branch–Hotel Paper album
Every song on this album made me cry, even the fast, uptempo songs. I spent a lot of time in the sunshine trying to stay warm on the back patio of Craig Hospital with this in my cd player. They remind me mostly of TM and our relationship.

Plus I think she is a simple kind of beautiful. (Her first cd is pretty good too.)

+ Usher–U Got it Bad.
Ha, a high school boyfriend put this on a mix cd one time.

+ Ginuwine–Pony
Who let us listen to this in the 8th grade? Seriously, it was way too mature for 12-year-old kids.

+ Missy Elliot–Work It.
Senior year of high school, especially the winter formal.

+Andy Griggs–If Heaven
They played this song at my friend Cole’s funeral. It was such a sad and tear-filled time, but now I can smile hearing it, knowing that it is very much him.

+ White Snake–Here I Go Again
My brother and sister listened to this a lot when I was young. I remember jamming out at like 4 years old.

+ Ashanti–Foolish
I had this on repeat a majority of the 18-hour drive to Pennsylvania when I was 16. I still love it.

+ Mariah Carey–Honey
I danced in my room for weeks when I got this cd for Christmas. Her music was still good back then. Now it’s just too focused on trying to make $$ imo.

+ 504 Boyz–I Know You Wanna
Mike O. played this to me once on the phone while I was at Carmen’s house. Then we cracked up at how ridiculous he was.

+ Disturbed–Down With the Sickness
TM and I used to go crazy to this song in my little old Grand Am. It still makes me laugh at what nerds we were together.

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June 22, 2010

oh, caleb.

This boy is hilarious. And super smart. He’s 6 years old and can read words like “studio” and barbeque.” I know it’s been a long time since I was 6, but I am pretty sure I couldn’t read those words. He can keep up with conversations like an adult and throws out big words that make me wonder “where the heck did he learn that word?”

Since they moved to the farm, I haven’t spent as much time with him (or the rest of his brothers or sisters) as I had when they were just across the bridge. Despite that fact, he is still close with me, and I think everyone knows he holds a little special place in my heart. He was my little angel baby nephew when I desperately needed something to make me happy.

He still makes me laugh, of course. A few days ago I took him to get his disposable camera developed (which he was so excited about), and he giggled the entire way back to the house while looking at his pictures. I don’t know if he is really interested in the picture-taking side of it, or if he just wanted another toy, but I’m going to encourage every creative cell in his little head to kick its way out.

Being like Aunt Carrie wouldn’t be the worst thing that happened to him.

June 8, 2010

i should try not to be so tough.

That smile is genuine.
That smile is for you.
That smile is because of you.

That smiles sort of says it all.

March 1, 2010

arab shrine circus.

I forgot how tiring a circus can be. Or maybe it was the excitement that led up to the circus. Or maybe it was the fact that we took on the task of taking 5 kids. Either way, when I got home yesterday evening after dropping Payden, Jacob, and Caleb off at home, I was seriously exhausted. My body felt like it had been hit and run over.

We had a lot of fun though. Between toys and stickers and popcorn and cotton candy and giggles, the kids were loaded to the hills with fun.

Caleb and his first clown. Slightly scary?

Caleb the clown.

This little elephant was my favorite part of the show. She was so cute!

She was SKIPPING out of the ring. I can’t get over how cute it was. She was really skipping.

Tink and her toys.

December 3, 2009

inviting trouble.

You’re supposed to be
out of my reach,
in that dimension beyond
the boundaries of safety,
my safety.

You’re supposed to be
a bet not meant to gamble.

It’s the danger that should
drive me away,
the recklessness of a man
with your clear complacency.
Instead, it blinks in front of me
beautifully intoxicating
and waits for my outstretched fingertips.

Your own rough fingerprints
are left all over my body
as invisible evidence
of some lustful crime.

I should be smarter about you,
but as long as I know what to expect
I only have time
to lose.

I feel a sin coming on
every time I’m near you.

August 2, 2009

Oh, August.

I have waited for you for so long. You are my favorite, by far, of all twelve months. Birthdays, fun, kids going back to school, sales, and just a sense of summer at its peak.

I love you.

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July 20, 2009

oh yes, we’re gonna dance!

It was a wonderful weekend. Truly one of the best weekends of my life. Friday night was Travis’ birthday and we celebrated at Sharkey’s (of course). On Saturday, Maria and I went to Fiesta Mexicana, and it reminded me of when we were in high school and went every single night that it was going on. Well, except that we were both old enough to drink this time. And we did.

We mostly hung out with Chris and Brandon, but we also stopped by Benny’s house to hang with that group of friends. I wish everyone could experience the Fiesta because it’s a neighborhood party that turns into a huge reunion. I know a lot of people who go for the food, but for anyone with ties to the Our Lady school or church–or anyone who lives in the Fiesta neighborhood, it’s a whole different atmosphere. It’s crazy. It’s a huge party, where you’re bouncing from house to house because you just know everyone. Everyone is friendly, and if you’re ready to have a good time, so are they. I have met most of them before, since Maria and I were practically attached at the hip for our sophomore year, but the ones who didn’t acted like they did. That’s just the type of people they are.

I am looking forward to many more weekends like this one. And far more incriminating pictures. I have a feeling that if we hang out with these guys, we will definitely get both.

Santi, Chris, Maria, and Brandon. I love it.

Maria and I.

June 28, 2009


So after graduation and many trips out to Tim’s farm, our family agreed a few weeks ago that we are going to make a point to get together at least once a month.  Today was the day for June, and we had a good time.  Here are a few shots of the family/kidlets.  It certainly isn’t all of them, but I didn’t want to put a million pictures here.

Mom and my brother, Donnie.

Makinna’s crazy butt.

Caleb, spinning (fast!) on the tire swing.  He was hilarious.

I love this picture of Kendall.

Kendall and Caleb.

September 23, 2008


I am aware of the boundaries,
but for now I am going to pretend they don’t exist.
I’ll break them.
Explore. Run. Smile. Create. Love.
Just be me without consequence.

And even if everything goes wrong,
I’ll be happy knowing I tried.

Something in the sun makes me wild.

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September 1, 2008

short but sweet.

This weekend turned out to be one of the best in a long time. No drama, no worries, and lots of fun. We spent Sunday at Tim and Sandra’s for Allison’s birthday, and then I went with the crew out. I haven’t laughed so much in so long.

It felt good, and I am looking forward to more.

Letting go is easier than I thought.

August 7, 2008

catching up.

With the internet out for 2 days, I am finally back online. Sure, 2 days doesn’t seem to be a very long time, but it seemed like an eternity. I felt so out of touch with the world!

In the meantime, I have been running errands to keep myself busy. Ordering kegs, paying bills, going to doctor appointments, buying books for school, plus a little bit of shopping has kept me out of the house mostly. It’s nice to have that alone time though. It’s not often that I do anymore.

This Saturday is my birthday party, and I am super excited. I invited a bunch of people, but it’s hard to tell who will actually show up. I don’t really care though. I’m gonna party like it’s 1985. It’s gonna be such a good time.

May 29, 2008

Buffin’ up.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sore and achey.  But today I felt great.

For the first time this week, we actually lifted weights in my weight training class.  I exercise, but it was a good workout to use the machines that actually can challenge me.  I did 40lbs on the bicep machine!  I am actually looking forward to this class now instead of dreading the next four weeks. 

Plus one guy in there is not bad to look at.

May 27, 2008

I found my Rooster….

When I worked at McDonald’s prior to my injury, I was the best drive-thru girl they’ve ever met. Not bragging, just stating facts. (grin) I always had my favorite customers, the ones who came through so much that I could have their order rung up and total waiting before they even opened their mouth at the speaker. I still know my little old lady White’s order, 5 years later!

Anyway, today while I was out buying my camera, I ran into one of those favorite customers. Rooster. I always called him that. He’s an elderly man, and always ordered just a large Diet Coke.

$1.87 at window 1, please.

The very first time I met him, he was driving his silver Toyota Tacoma and he had a cage in the back. With a huge rooster inside. I remembering laughing and asking why he was riding around town with a rooster. Apparently, it had been a present for his granddaughter’s birthday. I told him I hoped she liked it, and he assured me, laughing still, that she would. From that day on, he was Rooster.

In 5 years, it seems his health has declined quite a bit, and the smiley pep he had has wavered. It was kind of upsetting to see what 5 years can do. It was good to see him though. He said he always wondered what happened to me. He joked that he figured I had run off and eloped with some wild boy I met in the drive-thru. I just laughed and said “I wish that’s what happened!”

Good ole McDonald’s. Making a difference in people’s lives. (ha)

May 18, 2008


“A fun new person will enter your life and you will embark on an exciting adventure together.”

I certainly hope this is true because I am ready for something new, something exciting, and something adventurous. Now that everything else has been established as solely a friendship and will be nothing more than that ever again, I am excited about moving on.

This is going to be a great summer.

April 29, 2008


Thanks to Lenn, I had the best laugh of the week on this one.

Senior winter formal. 2003.

I definitely vote Eric (center, back row) as most changed. He looks completely different now!

Man, that was a gooood night!!!