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November 21, 2012


Remember last year when I started seriously pursuing publication of a few of my poems? And it was going to happen? Well, the time is here, people.

My poem is in print, in a (very small) publication, out into the world and hopefully in someone’s hands. I never used to like the idea of others reading anything I had written, but now the thought is almost thrilling. It was a long anxious wait, but well worth it. It gives me a boost again to pull out the ole Moleskine and get some words and thoughts onto paper (which has been coming slightly easier lately anyway).

Copies can be found here. Christine Walen is the editor and publisher of Atlantic Pacific Press so it’s a small, and very “homemade” type of publication. Think paper and staples. Good for a first publication, I think, because it just makes me want to keep going with it and send in more to different places.