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March 15, 2013

ideas in my head.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very motivated and inspired to design. Everything. I have sketches for stamps and cards and baby announcements (not mine!) and birthday invitations. I have ideas and colors picked out for most of them too.

I get on these spurts where my brain is so overflowing with ideas that I can hardly get them onto the blank page fast enough. They are just there.

New stamps are going to be ready in early May probably. I am not putting any more pressure on myself than I need before and immediately after our wedding. So they’ll have to wait until I am ready to get back to real life.

Most of them are summer-related and are all things that I will be using in my own Project Life. Fun.

Now, if only I can pick and choose which ones I can’t live without. That is always the hard part.

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January 28, 2012

pinterest love.

I cannot get enough of Pinterest. Still. So many beautiful ideas and recipes and clothes and rooms. I can’t wait to decorate the new house with some of the gorgeous things that are floating in my head from that site. Or cook the delicious-looking food. *sigh*

+ Love this wall of shelves.

+ I want to try these chicken casseroles.

+ Ooh, or this pasta with chicken.

+ I am all about kraft stationery lately.

+ Rings that look lacy from the side. Gorgeous. Oh, or this one.

+ I am so doing this headboard…maybe not for my bedroom, but someone’s.