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November 5, 2008

Pushing ahead.

They say that when it rains, it pours. Well, if that’s the case, Kansas is a swampland, and I am drowning. Just when you think things can’t possibly get any worse, they do. Let’s recap the madness as of late:

Aunt Nancy has cancer. Not just any cancer, but a hormonal cancer that has spread itself through her entire body (lung, liver, ovaries, breast, stomach) and is slowly taking her energy away. She went yesterday for some test to try to determine where it started, and hopefully we’ll know something by tonight. I just can’t believe it. I am trying to have every fiber of me hoping that things go fine and somehow she can beat it, but there is a part of me that is preparing myself for a death and the grieving of my mother.

I wrecked the van. Yea, I know. An old guy cut me off, and I had nowhere to go except into the back of him. It’s so frustrating because I hate staying at home and feeling dependent on someone else to get where I need to go. I’m just waiting on the insurance company to know what my next move will be.

Grandma fell and broke her hip. We just saw her on Sunday, and the next day she was laid up in the hospital. Everyone has been here with her since her surgery yesterday, which is comforting. I just hope she can bounce back quickly and steadily.

On the good side, Obama was elected. I just knew he would, but like everything else, I held that bit of pessimistic self preparing myself for 4 years of McCain. I admit to not being a wholly political person, but this election has brought so many feelings and interests up that I didn’t even know I had. I actually argued with people over why he was worthy of the highest office in the land. And I cried when he was giving his acceptance speech. We are ready for something different, and I am just hoping he truly is the one who is going to bring that about.