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March 21, 2013

come on, spring.

IMG_3969aI miss the way a photo can make me feel at peace, pulling a softness over my brazen heart and singing it back to the place where things, small and big, are put back into squares or perspective.

When unimportant things somehow become priority, other things are lost. My photography, my soul’s simple way of telling a story through my favorite aperture blur, has for too long been ignored, in the most devastating way. So many times I have intended to hook my camera around my neck and head toward the sunshine I love so much, and so many times, I do not. I feel stationary.

It’s beginning to be taxing on me, my heart. I forgot, or perhaps never paid attention to how much my creativity, or lack thereof, directly influences my mood, and in turn, all other things in my life.

With spring coming, I can taste the soothing light that will finally calm the photo itch.

And I welcome it, smiling.
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March 28, 2012


Somewhere there is
a universe
on magic,

looking for us
to entangle
our arms
around it

and run.

April 9, 2010

springtime tulips.

Isn’t there just something happy about a tulip? They always seem to be smiling, bright and cheerfully, to the sun. They are my favorites.

April 8, 2010


wrapped in my arms,
i protect you
as best i can
from the grit in the wind
and the crispness of spring rain.

as best i can.

you are my kind of beautiful.

January 21, 2010


This year is about me.

I spent a majority of 2009 worrying about everyone else. Dad was really sick/hospitalized twice. Two babies were born into the family. Fights and tensions were sprinkled throughout. I know a few good things happened, like my graduation, Kristi’s visit, Maria moving back. Still, I had vowed to have a good year, and it turned up short.

So I decided that this year is going to be different.

It’s about me. Taking care of myself, spoiling myself, nurturing my own happiness.

One of the ways I am doing that is buying myself flowers every week. I like flowers. They’re pretty and make my room smell fresh. And they just make me happy. So I will have them. Who says you can’t buy yourself flowers? At least you don’t have to wait around for some man to buy them as a gesture.

The bouquet I bought this week is deliciously smelling and brightens my room. I’ll admit that I don’t really know what they are, but that’s okay with me. They’re yellow and pink and white. Next week maybe I’ll try something different, but the spring colors lifted me up and got me excited for spring and warmer temperatures and, oddly enough, spring rain.

2010 is looking up already.