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March 14, 2013

hello, tilite.

IMG_5583My new chair is fantastic. Normally, I don’t get excited about equipment that has to do with my spinal injury. Most of it is more of a pain than any kind of excitement. But this, this is exciting.


+ It fits me. When I was injured (almost 10 years ago!), my dad’s insurance didn’t really want to help with equipment. I guess they thought that paying my medical bills for 4+ months was enough. So the manual wheelchair that I had was one that was donated to me from Craig Hospital. And it didn’t really fit me very well. I used it and made due, but it wasn’t right for me. This one is fit for me though.

+ All over flat black. 14 tiny inches wide. NaturalFit hand rims. Between the narrowness and the shape of the hand rim, it is a million times easier to push (although some grip on the hand rims will probably be something I will be adding). I didn’t really think much of pushing around a chair that was 18 inches wide, but looking now at my old chair, it was a tad bit ridiculous. My arms weren’t made for that.

+ New back. Comfortable, shorter, and more contoured.

+ Hard-surface tires. Previously, I used knobby tires, more for outside terrain, but the new tires work much better for where I am going.


March 13, 2013

12 on 12: march.

mosaic66d2ae1172e4529171be3c5173dc4daabdf1665eI first saw the 12 on 12 on Dear Lizzy’s blog, and of course, what’s a better excuse to snap random photos of my day without any pressure? Such a good idea. Good job, Lizzy girl.

Yesterday was a good day. My new manual wheelchair finally arrived, and it fits like a dream. Much, much, much better than my old manual chair. Probably because it is 4 inches narrower and has wheels that work well with my hands. Anyone who uses a wheelchair for daily living can understand just how important it is to be both comfortable and functional in your chair. While I do have to get used to this chair, I think it is going to work well for me. *fingers crossed*

Work was pretty normal. Nothing new there.

I had dinner with Maria, and we discussed all the things that best friends discuss. Our relationships, work, my wedding, her schooling, just life in general. We both needed a good girl dinner, I think.

I managed to get some Project Life time in after dinner. Another stress-reliever. I am really liking the one-side-of-a-spread-per-week format that I have been using. It takes so much pressure off of me to “fill up” the pockets with things that do not really matter or need to be shown. Plus I can use more inserts, which I love. Especially coin pocket inserts. Who knew 2×2 photos could be so cute?

I am thinking that 12 on 12 will be a monthly thing for me. It was such fun this time, and a good alternative to Day in the Life, which for some odd, unknown reason sort of overwhelms me.

Ah, life.