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June 20, 2012

Dayton & Layla.

Lindsay wanted to get some shots of the kids for Todd for his Father’s Day so we took them to Ward-Meade Park one evening last week for a small shoot. I always have fun shooting these sweeties. Dayton was bored right away, but we managed to get some good ones before a total meltdown. And Layla, well, she is just Layla, sweet and smiley. The colors were great. The sun was in about just the right place.

And they turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself.

May 24, 2011

I miss college.

I took a stroll across Washburn’s campus the other day, killing time before an appointment, and it made me realize how much fun college was. I was always stressed, but now I know it was a good stressed. The kind that you have when you want something to work. I always needed to make sure I had the good grades, the friends, the extra projects. It all needed to work. I miss that.

+ I miss the people and the small sense of freedom that a full-time job has robbed from me.
+ I miss feeling like I was working toward something big. I need a new big-time goal and the motivation to get me there.

+ I miss hanging out on campus with my friends, doing nothing but sitting under a big tree, laughing and discussing projects.
+ I miss feeling like I was gaining something valuable in my favorite classes.
+ I miss being the one always taking notes.
+ I miss Thursday karaoke nights at Sharkey’s with the crew.
+ I miss the excitement of new internships.
+ I miss the sense of endless possibility.

+ I miss sleeping in and staying up late.
+ I miss quiet library time with my stuff strewn across an entire table for whole afternoons.

+ I miss Henderson.

May 22, 2011

my weekend.

At the drags! It was a sweeeet time in the suite. No sunburn and no overheating (although I did have to take a few breaks and warm up outside).

Love em! Plus Cory Mac was back in action. Racing isn’t the same without him.

April 1, 2010

you can’t tell me this isn’t pretty cool.

And if you did, I wouldn’t believe you.

For the entire day today, Google has changed its name to Topeka. :) Home sweet home. More can be read about the cause behind the change here.

November 20, 2008


I haven’t had time to write, or even think for that matter.

Life is good.

I officially set up the internship details with Diana and Kari today. I couldn’t be more excited about this experience if I tried. The things I’ll be doing are exactly what I want: writing, editing, designing, and from what I gathered today, lots of laughing. Diana, my supervisor, is so awesome and completely laid-back about everything. She made me check out every bathroom to make sure each was accessible. She said if even one wasn’t, she would make them remodel it before I start in a few weeks. I mean, she’s that cool. I HAVE A CUBICLE! ha, I have never been excited about something like that. And it has a door so it’s like a tiny office. My tiny office.

I am ready to do more than just writing, and this opportunity is going to allow me to expand everything I have been taught and put it to use in the real world.

Finally, things are falling into place.

March 29, 2008

Right here, right now.

The older I get and the more comfortable I am, the happier I am here.  I used to want out of Topeka, out of Kansas in general, so badly, but now I can almost see myself staying around.

That’s a weird feeling.  Content.  In Topeka.

In high school, it was a mortal sin to want to stay here to go to Washburn for college.  Anyone with a brain and anyone who was of any importance of course going to KU or K-State, or if they were ultra lucky and got scholarships, out of state.  My mind had been set on KU for years; I was practically born chanting Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

When the accident happened and things were sidelined for a year, priorities changed.  I was so ready to start over that Washburn seemed like a heaven.  I just wanted out of house and to be motivated again.  Moving to Lawrence to KU was definitely doable but not very practical in the situation I was in.  

Now I’m a proud Ichabod and can’t imagine finishing school anywhere else (but of course I still am a HUGE KU fan).

I was thinking earlier about how so many people’s plans didn’t go the way they expected.  Half of my graduating class goes to or has gradated from Washburn.  Some have bought houses, had babies, and been successful so far.  So much for going big and getting out of here.

Maybe as we get older (not that 22 is old, but I guess it’s more along the lines of growing up…) we realize that the dreams and plans and aspirations that we had when we were 17 or 18 just aren’t as realistic as we thought.  Partying isn’t all there is to life, and no matter where you are, the people can suck it up bigtime.

Happiness isn’t getting what you want; it’s wanting what you got.  And right now, having a normal life is sounding pretty good to me.  A glamourous job doesn’t seem so important.  I want a good man, to be a good wife, and to spend all the time I can with the little babies that good man and I will have.  

Considering my chronic indecisiveness, tomorrow I may feel differently.  But for today, being where I am, on the road to having all that one day, is good enough for me.