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September 6, 2011

sky light.

Clouds in the sky, dripping rain
next to an easy lemon sun.

Only here
could the weather
so resemble life,
changing at every new glance.

I’m still looking
for that rainbow.

February 8, 2011

complete and utter whine.

Bear with me today. I’ve been awake since 4:30 a.m. and worked a 9-hour shift full of meetings (and not fun ones). To say that I am exhausted would be a complete, complete, complete understatement.

We’re set to get more snow too, and the wind is COLD. Winter can quietly leave at any minute, and I would be just fine with it.

In more cheerful news, Mark and the girls came by yesterday after work. I used to see them almost every single day, but since it’s been cold, they stay home more. They love their Minnies. They were awfully cute.

August 18, 2010


you have a piece of my heart.

I’ve always loved you,
even when you’re too hot to bear
or too sticky with your wet air.

You turn the sky green
with big, thick still storms
or icy blue like chlorine pools
with sunshine all around,
changing your mind in minutes
and messing up made plans.

Silly summertime,
I still love you.

March 4, 2010

long gone?

I think it’s finally over. I think finally the ice and snow will melt and be done falling for this season. I certainly hope so because the sunshine feels so good against my skin. My shoulders are looking forward to tank tops and some color. I am looking forward to taking brighter, happier pictures, ones that seem to have some life in them. And my body as a whole is looking forward to unthaw from its popsicle state.

A little bit of rain even sounds good.

February 5, 2010

oooh, please.

I wish the weather right now was more like this:

instead of this:

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November 13, 2009

change of heart.

I thought I wanted you to hurry up and turn into winter, but I’m enjoying the colors (however dull they are becoming) and the soft cool wind. I’m enjoying the memories you make and the ones you conjure from my mind. I’m enjoying the bright, bright sun and the early evenings.

I’m enjoying you. Don’t hurry off. Stay awhile, please.

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December 14, 2008


This is why I have been shivering all day long!


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March 24, 2008

Hippin’ and hoppin’.

I am in such a good mood at the moment for absolutely no reason other than I can be (even though there has been a few stressful things going on, but I’ll go into that tomorrow).  The weather was beautiful today.  My bio professor gave us a take-home test over material I don’t really care to have a real test over to save “precious class time.”  Lupe Fiasco is filling my ears and making me shake what I can.  And I am very much looking forward to this weekend.  All homework WILL be done, and partying will be happening (okay, I know I said I was calming down but it’s Lindley and Aaron’s LAST weekend at the apartment!).

I only hope this keeps up all week.

January 30, 2008


“To accompish great things we not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” –Anatole France

I wish I could be living this quote more in my life.

Lately I have been feeling uninspired. Everyday just passes the same way, and nothing particularly significant happens. I get through each week to enjoy the weekend, and even that has become almost boring. Same people, same bar, same music, same conversations. I wanted a consistant routine back when school was on break, and now I am bored with such an empty routine.

When I feel like this, bored and just going through the motions of each day, it makes me feel empty of all emotion. It could be the winter cold and snow and lack of sunshine, but it’s such a dreary feeling. I’m not depressed, just indifferent. I’m not happy but not sad. Just…empty. Yesterday I was reading through my journal from last year, and I wrote once about feeling something similar last March. About being void of emotions. It’s disappointing to me that I have so many good things in my life, but still I not satisfied right now. It makes me feel unappreciative of them.

I need spring already.